Oscars athlete pistorius in prison for 6 years, what are the prospects for freedom?

If there is one case that has drawn attention in recent years in South Africa, it is that of Oscars athlete Pistorius. The athlete is currently at a decisive moment in his life. Between an absolute return to prison and a continuity of freedom, he impatiently awaits the verdict of the Supreme Court.

Possibility of freedom for Oscars Pistorius?

Even if it is weak, you have to believe in it because there is this possibility. Indeed, it is quite possible that the athlete who currently enjoys conditional freedom is satisfied with that to escape the worst.

First, it may happen that the court decides not to consider the request of the prosecutor Gerrie. In this first case, the man will remain on parole. The court can choose to send the case back to first instance. This last decision, which nevertheless turned out to be an ordeal for both parties, will be less for Pistorius.

There are only these two conditions to give hope since the last one, which is a conviction, will only worsen the athlete’s situation.

The current status of Oscars pistorius

It should be said that he is not yet in the truest sense of the word a prisoner. Man is subject to community service. He has been seen several times already performing his duties. For the moment, he lacks precise information on what he will have to do with the social workers. Its proximity to one gives the first signs but without communication from local leaders. The athlete has been granted bail since October of this year. Placed under house arrest with an uncle.

What can he do in the event of a conviction?

There will still be another possibility for him to relaunch the debates. In South African positive law, the constitutional court receives appeals from litigants not satisfied with the decisions of the supreme court. Oscars Pistorius can therefore exercise this right in the event of dissatisfaction. The Supreme Court’s decision scheduled for December will therefore not be without appeal. For the family and admirers of this athlete, this is the time to pray and hope for the mercy of justice. This is probably not the case for the opposing party.

Brief reminder of the Pistorius affair

It was a murder case. The athlete had fired four bullets at a toilet door where his girlfriend had locked herself. Unfortunately, Reeva was fatally injured and passed away. At first, he was accused of murder and sentenced to just over 13 years in prison by the courts of his country.

However, it should be noted that the sports decision-making body had not suspended his career before the court verdict. This athlete like no other was released early.

It is the appeal of the prosecutor Gerrie, who asks for a requalification of the facts, which starts again the things. The latter demanded that the act of the athlete be qualified as intentional homicide. This reclassification of the facts could cost him up to fifteen years in prison.

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Oscars athlete pistorius in prison for 6 years, what are the prospects for freedom?