Oscars 2022: the 5 actors who could be nominated

The celebration of Oscars 2022 You have many interesting options among the potential candidates to win the coveted statuette. The films released this year are packed with quality and the choice will be difficult. There are also candidates who have not yet shown the works for which they will be considered, however, the mention of these names excites the public and the officials of the Academy.

Top performers who know what it’s like to show up and receive an award. Of course, they have worked for years in important productions of the Hollywood industry and they have known how to establish their own names as trademarks so that people can enjoy the films in which they are involved. A 2022 Oscar Gala fight is coming!

+ Favorite actors to be nominated for an Oscar

5. Denzel Washington

Take part in Macbeth’s tragedy where a Scottish lord is convinced by three witches and is ready to become the next king of their lands. The film is shot entirely in black and white. Its director is Joel cohen, who will have this role for the first time without the company of his brother. Those who have seen the film shine a light on Washington’s work in the film based on Shakespeare’s play.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio

The actor of Titanic and The wolf of Wall Street stars Do not seek, this original film by Netflix in which he acts as an astronomer who discovers a meteor that will impact Earth and wipe out the human race. Then he and his partner will go on a giant media tour to spread the news. It will be released in theaters and in the Streaming Giant.

3. Benoît Cumberbatch

He is the head of the cast of The power of the dog, a western based on the novel by Wild thomas which tells the story of a domineering and magnetic breeder who responds with mocking cruelty when his brother brings home a new wife and new son, until the most unexpected moment arrives. The film will hit theaters in November 2021 and will reach Netflix 1st December.

2. Andrew Garfield

Stars Tic, tic… Boom!, a drama based on the semi-autobiographical musical of the same name by Jonathan larson. An aspiring theater composer is going through a quarter-life crisis as he approaches his 30s and doesn’t feel close to fulfilling the dream he has worked so hard for. One of the best performances of Andrew Garfield. It can be appreciated in Netflix.

1. Will Smith

king richard is the film that tells the story of the father of talented tennis players Venus and Serena Williams and how this man helped his daughters become two of the most outstanding high performance athletes of their generation. Driven by a clear vision for his future and using unconventional methods, Richard has a plan that will lead his daughters to success. Few are those who claim the Oscar for Will smith.

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Oscars 2022: the 5 actors who could be nominated