Oscars 2021. “Happy and astonished”, the Breton Frédéric Thoraval nominated for the best editing

Frédéric Thoraval, originally from Lorient, has been living in Los Angeles for 10 years. Nominated for Best Film Editing “Promising young woman”, he is about to savor this 93rd Oscars ceremony.

“Since childhood, he has been passionate about cinema. He was sensitive to everything he saw, to what he heard. In Groix when he was about twelve years old, he went up to the projectionist’s booth, he was fascinated “ remembers Jacqueline the mother of Frédéric Thoraval.

Tomorrow is the big day. His son is in the running for the Oscars, named in the category of “Best Editing” for the film “Promising young woman”, directed by Emerald Fennell. This is his third nomination with this feature film, after the BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) and the ACE (American cinema editors).

It was in high school in Brest that Frédéric decided that editing and cinema would be his life. He then enrolled in the audiovisual BTS of Roubaix. 600 candidates at the time, 24 elected officials of which he will be part, a decisive period that he told our colleagues from France 3 Hauts-de-France.

Jacqueline remembers that at the time, her son’s decision did not excite her so much. “When he chose the audiovisual option, I had never imagined that, I would have liked him to do something else. We did not know this environment at all, it was new.”

Since then, Frédéric has made a name for himself with other big names: Luc Besson, Pierre Morel whose film “Taken” opens the doors of the United States to him. He has now lived in Los Angeles for 10 years. Jacqueline says she is always surprised by the films he is editing: “It always surprises me, because these are action movies, hectic, compared to him who is calm and calm.”

He has already won, the nomination is huge.

Jacqueline Thoraval

Frédéric Thoraval reacts to his Oscar nomination

Editing is not just technical. We put a lot of ourselves into it. There is a lot of work to get into the mind of a director.

Frédéric Thoraval

Reached by phone, Frédéric Thoraval savors. “I’m still a bit in the fourth dimension. This nomination is a colossal recognition from my peers. Even if there is only one winner, it is something that will remain. As I often say c is an impossible dream. ”

I am happy and amazed to be nominated. “Promising young woman” is not a very visible film. It’s a mix of genre, where there are changes in tone that can be felt. Appearances are more complex than they appear.

Frédéric Thoraval

Tomorrow, he takes his assistant Emily Freund with him for the ceremony, in which he will be able to participate physically. Despite some constraints: a battery of PCR tests to be done before, he feels great excitement. Because for now “everything remains unreal”. He planned the tuxedo. This will be the second time he’s worn one. “The first one was for the BAFTAs and I was in front of my computer at 7:30 am because of the time difference with England. It wasn’t the same atmosphere.”

Laid-back, he intends to make the most of the moment. In the meantime, he continues his projects. A new film is brewing. But by “superstition” he prefers not to say more.

An Oscars ceremony that adapts to the pandemic

The 93rd Oscars ceremony will take place on Sunday April 25, an unusual schedule since it has been postponed by two months. Covid requires, its organization has been reviewed and will be held largely outside Hollywood, with a limited gauge. Frédéric Thoraval will be at Union Station in Los Angeles, “a practical place with heights and an outdoor space.”

The event is broadcast in 225 countries. In France, it will be possible to follow its broadcast on Canal +, from 2 a.m. on the night of April 25 to 26.

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Oscars 2021. “Happy and astonished”, the Breton Frédéric Thoraval nominated for the best editing

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