Oscars 2021: Frances McDormand best actress in Nomadland

With her third statuette in the category, the actress joins Katharine Hepburn and enters the history of the ceremony. She also received the award for best producer.

Heartbreaking widow taking the road in her van after having seen her life and her city turned upside down by the crisis of “subprimeFrances McDormand made history by receiving her third Oscar for Best Actress for Nomadland. She is, along with Katharine Hepburn, the only woman to have won three statuettes in this category. During this evening, the American also won the prize for the best producer.

“I have no words”, launched the 63-year-old actress receiving the precious award

Frances McDormand has made a specialty of these roles of life-tested and tough women, mostly in independent films and often directed by the Coen brothers (she has been married to Joel since 1984).

His character of Fern in “NomadlandIs no exception to the rule: she cannot cope with the death of her husband and the loss of their home, in the small town of Empire in Nevada, literally wiped off the map when her gypsum mine was closed in 2011.

A sadly real story that symbolizes that of thousands of other Americans on the margins of society and the economy due to the so-called 2008 economic crisis “subprime», Which forced them to nomadism and odd jobs to survive.

It’s a great testimony to a very special moment in our world“, Estimated the actress. “Everyone goes on the road“. Nomadland also received the Oscar for best film, and that of best director for Chloé Zhao.

Frances McDormand received her first Oscar in 1997 for her portrayal of late-pregnancy police officer Marge Gunderson in Fargo. The second only dates from 2018, for her role as a mother desperately seeking justice for the rape and murder of her daughter in “Three Billboards: The Vengeance Signs“.

Star or not star?

Born in 1957 in Illinois, she was adopted at one year by a Canadian-born couple, a nurse and a pastor. A graduate of Yale, she began her career in theater, joining the prestigious experimental theater company The Wooster Group in New York.

After her debut in theater and television, one of her first notable roles was in Blood Simple, the Coen brothers’ first film in 1984. It was during this shooting that she met the man who soon became her husband, Joel Coen. They have an adopted son together.

She starred in nine films that Joel directed with his brother Ethan, including Burn after Reading, Hail, Caesar!, but also collaborated with Wes Anderson (Moonrise kingdom), Robert Altman (Short Cuts), Alan Parker (Mississippi Burning) … and even Michael Bay in Transformers: The Dark Side of the Moon (2011).

She reunited with Wes Anderson for a feature film postponed due to the pandemic, The French Dispatch, and also toured with her husband – without Ethan this time – for an adaptation of the tragedy Macbeth.

Despite around 40 films to her credit, the actress has often joked that she does not consider herself a movie star. Among all the roles she has taken on, it is perhaps that of Fern – who amalgamates several real characters described in the book that inspired Nomadland – to which Frances McDormand feels closest.

Told my husband when I turn 65 I was going to change my name to Fern, smoke Lucky Strikes, drink Wild Turkey, and chart the road in my RV», Launched the actress during the first screening of the film in California last year.

Shooting under the direction of Chloé Zhao will also have been a strong and immersive experience for Frances McDormand, so much cast in her role of Fern that she was offered a job by a supermarket in which she wandered between two takes.

She also says that she took a good lesson in humility by living in very precarious conditions in the middle of very rural areas of Nebraska and South Dakota during the filming. “I didn’t know how to shit in my bucketShe joked, referring to a memorable scene from the movie.

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Oscars 2021: Frances McDormand best actress in Nomadland

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