Oscars 2021: discover the predictions of the editorial staff

A few days before the Oscars ceremony to be held this Sunday, April 25 in Los Angeles, discussions are going well to find out who will be the big winners of this 93rd edition. CNEWS has played the game of predictions.

With ten nominations, the black and white film “Mank” by David Fincher, available on Netflix, is a favorite. But “Nomadland” by Chloé Zhoa will be a serious competitor since it is quoted six times, just like “Judas and the Black Messiah”, “Minari”, “The Chicago Seven”, “Sound of Metal” and “The Father. », By French playwright Florian Zeller. Without forgetting certain outsiders who could, like every year, change the situation and win all the votes. It remains to be seen whether the editorial staff’s favorites will be the same as those of the Academy of Oscars.

Best Film: “Nomadland”

Adapted from the book Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century ”, signed by journalist Jessica Bruder and carried with force by actress Frances McDormand, this contemporary road movie focuses on nomadic seniors, these itinerant workers who, following the 2008 economic crisis in the United States, had to take the lead. road aboard their vans in search of odd jobs. Since the start of the awards season, this film, which oscillates between social drama and documentary, has taken everything in its path, winning the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, two Golden Globes including that for best dramatic film, four Baftas, and the prize for best feature film awarded by the Association of American Directors. This Sunday, he should succeed “Parasite” by Bong Joon-ho, and win the Oscar for best film.

Also named are: “Mank”, “The Father”, “Judas and the Black Messiah”, “Minari”, “Promising Young Woman”, “Sound of Metal” and “The Chicago Seven”

Best Director: Chloé Zhao (“Nomadland”)

At 38, Chloé Zhao, to whom we owe the magnificent “The Rider”, is the director that everyone is tearing off. With “Nomadland”, the one who will be in charge of the production “Eternals” for Marvel, films the marginalized like no one and brings sweetness to a story yet painful. With this third film, this young woman of Chinese origin who has settled in the United States for many years, definitely imposes her style and will undoubtedly be the winner of these Oscars 2021.

Also named are: David Fincher (“Mank”), Thomas Vinterberg (“Drunk”), Lee Isaac Chung (“Minari”) and Emerald Fennell (“Promising Young Woman”)

Best Actress: Andra Day (“Billie Holiday, A State Affair”)

Even if she will have strong competitors in her category, such as Viola Davis, masterful in “The Blues of My Rainey”, and Vanessa Kirby overwhelming as a bereaved mother in “Pieces Of A Woman”, Andra Day creates a surprise for her first big role in the cinema. In Lee Daniels’ biopic “Billie Holiday, a State Affair”, the singer and actress slips into the skin of this iconic figure of American jazz and civil rights activist, who tried to free himself from his demons that were drugs and alcohol and was stalked throughout her life by the FBI. Andra Day was totally involved in the project, going as far as losing nearly twenty kilos and starting to smoke and drink to change her tone of voice. Amazing.

Also named are: Viola Davis (“The Blues of My Rainey”), Frances McDormand (“Nomadland”), Carey Mulligan (“Promising Young Woman”) and Vanessa Kirby (“Pieces Of A Woman”)

Best Actor: Chadwick Boseman (“My Rainey’s Blues”)

The disappearance of Chadwick Boseman, who died of colon cancer at only 43 years old in the summer of 2020, moved the whole world. In his final film, “The Blues of Ma Rainey”, the unforgettable interpreter of King T’Challa in “Black Panther” embodies Levee, a young black trumpeter, idealistic and rebellious, who must record an album with “Ma Rainey”, nicknamed the “Mother of the Blues”. The emaciated face, the actor sings, dances, twirls, and impresses in a long moving monologue during which he launches, with tears in his eyes: “God takes the prayers of the negroes and throws them in the garbage”. After a Golden Globe, he fully deserves to receive the Oscar for best actor posthumously, as was the case for Heath Ledger in 2009.

Also named are: Anthony Hopkins (“The Father”), Riz Ahmed (“Sound Of Metal”), Gary Oldman (“Mank”) and Steven Yeun (“Minari”)

Best Supporting Actress: Yuh-Jung Youn (“Minari”)

She will undoubtedly be neck and neck with the actress already Oscar winner in 2019 for “The Favorite”, Olivia Colman, who stands out against Anthony Hopkins in “The Father”. In “Minari,” which takes inspiration from director Lee Isaac Chung’s own childhood and examines the fate of South Korean migrants dreaming of a better future in 1980s Arkansas, Yuh-Jung Youn plays a great- somewhat intrusive mother, but so touching who has a special relationship with her grandson. A game full of subtlety that could make the difference.

Also named: Maria Bakalova (“Borat 2”), Glenn Close (“An American ode”), Olivia Colman (“The Father”) and Amanda Seyfried (“Mank”)

Best Supporting Actor: Sacha Baron Cohen (“The Chicago Seven”)

Failing to shine on stage in his role of Borat, this stupid Kazakh journalist appearing in his underwear and scratching the United States, Sacha Baron Cohen could ensure the show and receive an award during this 93rd edition for his role in ” The Chicago Seven ”by Aaron Sorkin. Here, he leaves the register of comedy to slip into the costume of anarchist Abbie Hoffman, who was accused of conspiring and inciting revolt at the end of a demonstration organized on the sidelines of the Democratic convention of 1968. We vote for Sacha.

Also named are: Daniel Kaluuya (“Judas and the Black Messiah”), Leslie Odom JR. (“One Night In Miami”), Paul Raci (“Sound Of Metal”) and Lakeith Stanfield (“Judas and the Black Messiah”)

Best Adapted Screenplay: “The Father”

For his first feature film, the French playwright Florian Zeller makes sparks by adapting his successful play of the same name, which notably won him a Molière in 2014. A story that flirts between the thriller and the horror film and takes us into the confused mind of Anthony, an octogenarian with Alzheimer’s disease. In his London apartment, where objects seem to disappear and then reappear for no apparent reason, his relatives merge with strangers. Thanks to efficient editing and an incredible interpretation of Anthony Hopkins, this dive into senile dementia deserves to be rewarded, after two Bafta at the beginning of April and four Golden Globe nominations.

Also named are: “Nomadland”, “Borat 2”, “One Night In Miami” and “Le Tigre Blanc”

Best Original Screenplay: “promising young woman”

Beyond its trash aestheticism, the screenplay of Emerald Fennell’s first film cannot leave you indifferent. The heroine, played by Carey Mulligan, decides to avenge the death of her best friend, who, after being raped, committed suicide. Thanks to a Machiavellian ploy, this pretty blonde lures men into her nets so that they admit their misogyny. It’s cold, violent, sadistic, acidic … and we love it. An ode to the #MeToo movement which is taking place in many plans.


Also named are: “The Seven of Chicago”, “Judas and the Black Messiah”, “Minari” and “Sound Of Metal”

Best animated film: “Soul”

Released last December exclusively on the Disney + platform, this animated film from Pixar studios tells the story of Joe Gardner, an African-American music teacher passionate about jazz who, while he is about to play in one of the prestigious clubs in New York, accidentally falls into a manhole. If her body is still on Earth, her soul finds herself in the “Great Before” where she will acquire her personality before coming back as a human … well maybe. A philosophical and dreamlike tale about friendship, transmission and death, with impressive visual effects that can only move the Academy of Oscars.

Also named are: “Onward”, “Shaun the Sheep the Movie: The Farm Strikes Back”, “The Wolf People” and “Journey to the Moon”

Best Foreign Film: “Drunk”

This little gem is intended as “a tribute to life”, according to Danish director Thomas Vinterberg who managed to finish this film even though his daughter was killed in a traffic accident during the shooting. “Drunk” features four high school teachers, including Martin (Mads Mikkelsen), in the midst of an existential crisis who decide to put into practice, and in a very scientific way, the theory of the Norwegian psychologist Finn Skarderud according to which man has a deficit alcohol in the blood of 0.5 g / l. Each morning, therefore, they will drink – a little, a lot – and write down how they feel. Little by little, they regain a taste for life as if the “hangover” were finally a cure for depression and that, regardless of the social class to which one belongs. But isn’t that just an illusion? Oscillating between comedy and drama, this highly intelligent work is also a reflection on “a world increasingly defined by a puritanical rhetoric”, according to the filmmaker, but where “alcohol consumption is quite high”. We are already euphoric at the idea that this film obtains a statuette.

Also named are: “Collective”, “The man who sold his skin”, “Quo Vadis, Aida?”

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Oscars 2021: discover the predictions of the editorial staff

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