Lot: three Lotois at the Oscars in Hollywood after being awarded at Cannes? They believe it loud and clear

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Brothers Mike and Fabien Kourtzer closed the Ciné Délices festival in Cahors where they presented “Haut et fort”, the film for which they composed the music. This work is presented for the Oscars in Hollywood. Good news for the two composers from Lot and Fanny Lamothe, executive producer of the music for this film which hit the screen at the Cannes film festival where it won a prize.

Hollywood, of course they believe it loud and clear. Why shouldn’t they keep this dream alive, since Nabil Ayouch’s film “High and strong”, for which Lotois Mike and Fabien Kourtzer composed all of the music, is shortlisted for the Oscars? This in the category of best foreign film (it represents Morocco) after having shone at the last Cannes film festival.

On the Croisette, the two brothers and Fanny Lamothe, executive producer of the music for “Haut et Fort”, won with the entire film team the prize for positive cinema and received a round of applause for their sound work.

The sound, the world of Mike and Fabien since childhood

They work on it in their cocoon of Montat, at the gates of Cahors, where they are in the process of creating a studio in line with their ambitions and perhaps those of others. Because these composers like to share their know-how and therefore do not rule out collaboration for the seventh art in particular.

They were invited to the cinema on Wednesday The Grand Palais, in Cahors, for the closing of the Ciné Délices festival. The film “High and strong” was presented there in preview to students of the Gambetta college, then to all audiences. The opportunity to dialogue with the triumphant trio.

Projects, work in progress and hopes

Rap, the film’s backdrop, played a major role in the career of the Kourtzer brothers. They can be proud of having composed the music of about fifty films in the most varied musical registers.

“The selection of the film at the Cannes Film Festival gave a boost to new projects. We are currently working on two films and we are finalizing a series. Our presence in Cahors matters a lot. Here we are at home. Festivals bring us luck. Scales, one of our previous films, was presented and awarded at the Venice Film Festival. He had also been shortlisted for the Oscars and we had several articles devoted to his music in American magazines. We still keep our fingers crossed for the Oscars, but this new preselection is already a victory, ”enthuses the trio.

In their dialogue with the public, the three accomplices, who do not lack projects and desires, appeared humble and passionate, fascinating and fascinated by the relationship they have with others and the richness of their exchanges. “Our success corresponds to a series of desires” declare these pure artists to whom the cinema has not finished extending its arms… and undoubtedly its trophies.

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Lot: three Lotois at the Oscars in Hollywood after being awarded at Cannes? They believe it loud and clear

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