House of Gucci: the first opinions of the latest Ridley Scott have fallen (and he will divide)

The first opinions of the House of Gucci of Ridley Scott and his five-star cast have arrived. Is this the much heralded Oscar machine?

While its excellent The Last Duel which turned out to be disappointing at the box office (despite French admissions far superior to other European countries), it was hoped for Ridley Scott that he would find success in the flamboyant House of Gucci (and that it makes him want to keep the ardor to drink us from the long-awaited sequel to Gladiator, by the way).

Surrounded by an XXL cast with Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto and a few more nominated at the Oscars that he could find here and there, House of Gucci now happens very quickly. And his first opinions have finally fallen. We have therefore gathered an anthology as representative as possible of the opinions of critics after its preview.

For better or worse, few critics talk about Adam Driver’s performance

“House of Gucci is the animal we thought. Delightfully exaggerated, he’s everything Ridley Scott wanted Cartel to be and couldn’t be. He will divide a lot. Lady Gaga devoured every piece. of his role. The film is instantly the benchmark in terms of quotes and memes since Borat. Jared Leto has been at his best since his Oscar. “ Clayton Davis – Variety

“I didn’t like House of Gucci but I loved every moment that Jared Leto was on screen. Behind his unrecognizable character is an ‘all or nothing’ performance. It’s so unconventional, and yet it seems so much like what is most authentic in the film. Paolo president [en référence au nom du personnage de Jared Leto donc, ndlr]. “ Kevin Polowy – Yahoo

Lady Gaga Photo

For some she is incredible, for others she over-plays in a funny or nunuche way

“Ridley Scott’s House of Gucci is (very) good. Although Lady Gaga is excellent, Jared Leto is on another level with his portrayal of Paolo Gucci. The story is wild. I’ll be very surprised if some of the performances aren’t. not named during awards season. “ Steven Weintraub – Collider

“GUCCI! House of Gucci definitely has a Godfather scent, family wealth and betrayal, performances that include physical transformation, lots of back stabbing and it’s definitely more serious than over-the-top and theatrical. Lady Gaga is amazing, just like Jared Leto, and the story is CRAZY! The attention to detail is impeccable. “ Erik Davis – Rotten Tomatoes

Photo Al Pacino

Al Pacino, he remains untouchable in a production reminiscent of The Godfather

“THE FATHER, THE SON & HOUSE OF GUCCI is FANTASTIC! Lady Laga gives more than a performance – she opens the doors to another universe … it’s mesmerizing! Speaking of” marriage story “, Lady Gaga and Adam Driver are an EPIC duo! Jared Leto is going and should win the Oscar. I will watch him 100 times. GUCCIENNE enjoyment! “ Nikki Novak – Fandango

“House of Gucci is insanely sexy. If the trailer left you horny, this should blow your mind. It’s absolutely explosive in every sense of the word. Everything from the costumes to the cinematography to the sets and makeup Arthur Max takes his breath away. House of Gucci is a spectacle. “ Jazz Tangcay – Variety

photo, Jared Leto“Could this be … the light of a new Oscar?”

“House of Gucci is very good, Jared Leto was born to play iconic fashion designer Fredo Waluigi Gucci, and – sorry if that’s a spoil – but at some point Lady Gaga says it’s time to ‘get out. the rubbish bins’ [soit demander de se débarrasser de quelqu’un à travers un code métaphorique, ndlr] David Ehrlich – IndieWire

“House of Gucci is painful and overwritten with no visible direction. Too many story arcs on top of each other. Glitz and talented names fighting in pornographic wealth, it can be fun, but not enough to save the movie on its messy side. “ Brandon Katz – Observer

photo, Adam Driver

We give you one, just for the pleasure of this intense Richard Gere vibe

“Sad to report that House of Gucci is not good. At times you will wonder if this is Ridley Scott’s first cut. More disappointing? Lady Gaga is bad. Not even EXAGERABLY good. There are some times when she’s just an empty shell, reminded me of Madonna in Body.

Besides Gaga, Jared Leto delivers a performance of Saturnay Night Live. Zero subtlety, nothing below the surface. Al Pacino delivers the best performance of the film. Adam Driver manages to stay unharmed. The film is a journey that gets lost and is not even entertaining. He ends with a DEAF sound. It adds nothing more than a sigh. “ Gregory – The Playlist

Photo Adam Driver, Lady Gaga

Either he kills his wife for success or he gets killed for the same reason, poor Adam

At first glance, the film oscillates between the correct and the very good, despite a very (too?) provided narration. In any case, it’s a safe bet that the film will divide its audience as much as the critics, since we notice that if some loved its exaggerated and dramatic tone, others saw only a representation of Shakespeare. by a group of college students.

If it will obviously follow the recipes of the film, it is especially in its critical success that Ridley Scott could slip in to steal a statuette. It remains to be seen whether the public will be sensitive to the game of Jared Leto or Lady Gaga, and if there is a real demand for this kind of story. To discover House of Gucci, it will be necessary to go from November 24, 2021 in the dark rooms.

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House of Gucci: the first opinions of the latest Ridley Scott have fallen (and he will divide)