From Florian Zeller to Colette, the French shone at the Oscars

COCORICO – Three tricolor representatives left with their hands full for the 93rd edition of the Hollywood awards ceremony.

They couldn’t make the trip to the United States. But the Academy of Oscars hasn’t forgotten them. The organizers of the 93rd ceremony had seen the big picture to allow the foreign nominees to take part in the festivities. Like London and Sydney, Paris hosted a special event for French talent this Sunday, April 25.

Appointment was given at the headquarters of Canal +, French broadcaster of the event, near Paris. This is where the lucky winners were able to receive their trophies and deliver their speeches of thanks.

I wrote this script for him, working with him was a dream– Florian Zeller on Anthony Hopkins

Florian Zeller is the first to exercise. The writer, whose first film The Father competed in six categories, won the Oscar for best adaptation. All smiles despite the late hour, he especially thanked his actor Anthony Hopkins. “I wrote this screenplay for him, working with him was a dream”, he said of the 83-year-old Briton, who plays an old man sinking into dementia. A performance hailed by the Oscar for best actor. The neo-filmmaker was able to celebrate his success with his partner Marine Delterme, who came to kiss him briefly.

Colette celebrated her 93 years with an Oscar

A few minutes later, it was Nicolas Becker who distinguished himself by receiving the Oscar for best sound for Sound of Metal. The film tells the story of a musician who learns that he will soon be deaf. For fear of making mistakes, he had written everything down on a sheet for his speech from Paris. He is the only one of his four colleagues to have spoken. “It’s a whole new feeling. I had never felt it before”, explained in the virtual press room the one who managed to recreate the impression of deafness on the screen.

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And then there is one who was already sleeping soundly when her first name was mentioned. Colette Marin-Catherine will now be able to proudly say that she is an Oscar winner. The 90-year-old from Normandy is the heroine of an award-winning short documentary that follows her on her moving memorial journey to the Dora concentration camp in Germany, where her brother was killed. “Forgive me but at my age, me the thing of the cinema, the Oscars, the things… I was asked what I will do on the day of the Oscars. I answered ‘the dishes, as usual'”, she said at 13H TF1 last week. We imagine that the former resistance member, who also celebrated her 93 years this Sunday, will undoubtedly still want to celebrate this nice victory.

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From Florian Zeller to Colette, the French shone at the Oscars

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