Donald Trump attacks the Oscars, “politically correct and boring”

Former US President Donald Trump criticized the Oscars ceremony, which took place on Sunday.

Deprived of his Twitter account, Donald Trump reacts a little more late than before. But the former president still wanted to make his opinion heard on the Oscars ceremony, which took place on Sunday. In a statement released via his group “Save America”, the billionaire blasted the evening: “If they continue with the current ridiculous formula, it will only get worse – if it is possible,” he said. writes, mocking “worst TV audiences in history, even worse than last year, which is a new record” – with all caps, keeping the style he adopted in his tweets. “Go back 15 years, look at the version they used, give the name ACADEMY AWARDS again, don’t be so politically correct and boring, and do it right” continued Donald Trump, obviously not a fan of the Oscars name ” much less important and elegant ”in the eyes of the billionaire fond of decoration in marble and gold. The evening’s hearings, whose organization was upset by the pandemic, were at half mast: 9.85 million viewers, a drop of 58% compared to last year.

The former producer and host of “The Apprentice” continued his TV advice, with as always a political message: “BRING A GREAT PRESENTER. These people on TV are spending their time thinking about how they can promote the Democratic Party, which is destroying our Country, and make the Conservatives and Republicans disappear. The formula certainly did not work well for the Academy! ”

“We have enough problems with South Korea”

Last year, still president, Donald Trump had criticized the Oscar winners, not appreciating that “Parasite”, by South Korean Bong Joon-ho, received the award for best film: “And the winner was a film by South Korea. But what is this ? We have enough trade problems with South Korea. And on top of that, they give them the best movie of the year. It is well ? I don’t know, ”he said in front of a crowd won over to his cause at a meeting in Colorado Springs. “Can we get ‘Gone with the Wind’?” He added, a few months before the film was withdrawn from the HBO Max streaming platform because it was considered racist and revisionist. It was then added to the catalog, along with videos contextualizing it.

By criticizing the Oscars, Donald Trump is once again attacking Hollywood, some of whose stars, representing in the eyes of the billionaire the well-thought he despises, have not hidden their enmity against him, including during ceremonies official. His star on the famous Hollywood Boulevard, in Los Angeles, has been vandalized several times, the West Hollywood city council had gone so far as to request the withdrawal of this award, unveiled in 2007 thanks to the success of “The Apprentice” . But it is still at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard.

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Donald Trump attacks the Oscars, “politically correct and boring”

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