Cinema – How a short film made in Creuse finds itself nominated for the 2021 Oscars

A bit of Creuse in Hollywood. This is the surprising news that fell from Paris via Jarnages this week.

The film Genius Loci, partly produced in the village of Creuse, is one of the five creations selected around the world to compete in the category of animated short films at the 2021 Oscars, just that. The ceremony is scheduled for April 25 in the United States.

Adrien Mérigeau, the director, has ties to Jarnages where his parents are in the process of seeing the completion of their project of a place of creation dedicated to experimental music.

A land of artistic wonder in the Creuse (December 2021)

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Artists who fell in love with the Creuse in the 2000s, Lê Quan Ninh and Martine Altenburger have been involved here for fifteen years in numerous cultural projects.

From 2018 they were drawn into the project Genius Loci to create all the sound design, from sound effects to music. The director gave them the baby as obvious.

Parents, brother, friends … A highly family project

As if the son’s visual talent should naturally complement the parents’ auditory genius. As if the sensitive exploration that they have been pursuing for several decades were to be extended with other arts. Moreover, another of their children, Théo, also participated in the project by creating an original one-minute organ piece.

After five years of development, Adrien Mérigeau and a colleague completed the production during the summer of 2019 in Jarnages, where they praise the living environment and the environment conducive to artistic creation.

At 37, this is Adrien Mérigeau’s first creation after multiple collaborations on major films, a diploma at EMCA

of Angoulême in 2007, and years of self-taught improvement. “He’s been in the drawing since he knew how to hold a pencil,” smiles his mother.

Five years of work that end in Jarnages Genius Loci

traces the dreamlike wandering of a young woman through a city. In 16 minutes, at a rate of 12 to 20 images per second, with great visual and therefore sound details. Which gives an idea of ​​the work done …

Hence a great journey since the film was presented across Europe. Passed in particular by the festival of the short film of Clermont-Ferrand, and with a climax at the international festival of the film of Berlin, where he was named best short film in March 2020. Which gave him his ticket for America.

Adrien Mérigeau should therefore fly next month for this ceremony, which has a very limited number of places due to the pandemic, while his family will follow the events via the Internet from Jarnages.

But whatever the result, everyone already has the feeling that they have achieved something exceptional.

“It’s the work of our family, and also of an artistic family. It is hard to believe that he finds himself in this huge institution, commented Lê Quan Ninh and Martine Altenburger. It is the recognition of something that is less formatted, less commercial. Perhaps this should be seen as an effect of the Covid crisis which is shaking up so many things in so many people ”.
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Cinema – How a short film made in Creuse finds itself nominated for the 2021 Oscars

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