Business Oscars. Four winners for Lannion

The presidents of the 2020 and 2021 juries, Clarisse Lecourt (Claripharm) and Marc Le Flohic (Lumibird) highlighted ten companies. © Crédit Agricole des Côtes d’Armor

The Trégor stole the show from the other Côtes d’Armor territories during the 2021 edition of the Oscars for companies, twinned with that of 2020, canceled due to the health context.
Not only no less than five companies in the Lannion sector were awarded, but in addition the jury for this edition was chaired by Marc Le Flohic, the boss of the company. Lumibird, specialized in medical and military laser. His company, whose head office and the bulk of its workforce are located in the city of Telecoms, has experienced spectacular growth for twenty-three years and now has 900 employees.

In the brand new Young Creators category, the jury of this eighth edition orchestrated by the Credit Agricole des Côtes d’Armor awarded the very promising company Endro (environment in Breton) which produces and markets cosmetic products, mainly organic, and provides returnable containers. Started just two years ago, the company now employs thirty-three people and is preparing to strengthen its workforce to attack the export market.

International Development Oscar 2021, Odycea is also a young company based in Lannion. The company specializes in active ingredients of natural origin for cosmetics. It uses a number of Breton and essentially organic raw materials. Some come from Trégor, such as algae from Ploumanac’h, in Perros-Guirec.
She also uses plants, flowers, seaweed, thermal waters and even honey. Already present in China, the USA, Europe and France, the company intends to boost its share internationally and plans to strengthen its export team, with jobs to be found, particularly in Lannion.

Another Lannion company hailed and valued during the ceremony organized in the Hermione room in Saint-Brieuc, the company Ekinops, a leading provider of telecommunications solutions for telecommunications operators and businesses, whose turnover has jumped from 19 million ten years ago to 100 million today. A performance and a know-how that earned him the special jury prize 2020.

Cutting-edge technologies, cosmetics and international targets

The 2021 Innovation Oscar once again highlights the know-how and specificity of the Lannionnais basin. Kerdry, specializing in the application of thin layers for satellites or luxury perfume bottles. The establishment, created in 2003 around twenty engineers, is developing very cutting-edge technology, unique in its kind. Its thin layers are applied to giant telescopes as well as to robots. Its teams have even worked on the design of a seismometer which has been fitted to the famous American Insight probe which landed on Mars.
The 2021 special jury prize was awarded to the Valéor group specializing in home improvement, created in Guingamp in 2006. Its manager Arnaud Monnier and his teams are experiencing insolent progress with growth multiplied by 15 in 2021. The group which shines from its headquarters in Ploumagoar plans to create no less than 12 to 15 new stores each year.
In 2022, the human resources manager plans to recruit 300 people to join the group’s 551 employees (Aäsgard, Iceberg, Schmidt, Cuisinella or Porcelanosa) which aims for 80 million turnover in 2022.

“These winners bear witness to a department where it is good to do business, with an ecosystem conducive to development. “

The Argoat and the Brittany center are also full of nuggets as evidenced by the 2020 and 2021 awards, which include a particularly efficient entity, Douar Den of Saint-Nicolas-du-Pélem.

The cooperative society of Saint-Nicolas-du-Pélem, in Kreiz Breizh, has one foot in the Côtes d’Armor and another in Morbihan. Its leader, Fabris Trehorel is delighted to be able to remunerate the peasants at their fair value. Specializing in organic potatoes, Douar Den (people of the earth) marketed 600 tonnes in 2007 and no less than 24,000 last year. Which earned him the 2020 Growth Oscar.

President of the association and CEO of Crédit Agricole des Côtes-d’Armor, Michèle Guibert praised the audacity of these award-winning companies from a shortlist of sixty establishments per category. “These winners bear witness to a department where it is good to do business, with an ecosystem conducive to development. “

Fidji Briand took over from his dad who had recently died of illness. She continues to develop the company and wants to further develop exports.
Fidji Briand took over from his dad who had recently died of illness. She continues to develop the company and wants to further develop exports. © Le Trégor

The other laureates

The World of Pancakes : Created in 1982, the Lamballe company won the 2020 Oscar for international development. The Penthièvre company manufactures frozen pancakes, pancakes, pancakes and blinis. Its know-how is available on a large scale. Today, it is an international leader and has operations in 35 countries. Its export share reaches 30% of its turnover.

Alter Interim : The employment agency, managed by Gwenn Cambien, won the 2020 Oscar for Corporate Social Responsibility. It stands out for its approach which promotes professional integration, with in particular 1 permanent for 12 supported, against 1 for 80 on average. In total, nearly 60% of temporary workers find a job (CDI or CDD for more than 6 months).

Nutraveris : this scientific and regulatory consulting firm, based in Ploufragan and founded by Cédric Bourges, specializes in food supplements. It was awarded the 2020 Innovation Oscar. The company works for renowned clients such as Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Decathlon, Pfizer and Sanofi and helps them work on the formulation of their new products and have it authorized in each of the countries of the European Union. The health nutrition company is a world leader in its field. “We give people in breach of confidence,” say its leaders. Combining the economic and social aspects, the establishment has already trained and placed 8,000 people.

The men : the family business, specialized in animal nutrition for more than sixty years in Saint-Brandan, won the Oscar for growth in 2021. Emmanuel Le Men, its director, ”third generation, is proud that his daughter is in first year line to take the reins of our company, which continues to remain independent, in a competitive environment. ”

The Association of Business Oscars includes Crédit Agricole des Côtes d’Armor, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Côtes d’Armor, the Ordre des Experts-Comptables de Bretagne and the Departmental Council of Côtes d’Armor.

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Business Oscars. Four winners for Lannion